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A world where possibilities are endless and reflect the best of who we are as humans.

Our Values



Honest Partnerships
We are respectful, transparent and loyal partners. We are active listeners who don’t shy away from the truth.

Continued Learning
We believe change is necessary. We push ourselves and encourage our clients to innovate and build on best practices.

Joyful Connections
We bring positivity, optimism, joyfulness and gratitude to our work together.

Equity-Centered Practices
We honor diverse viewpoints, create inclusive, fair environments and advocate for social justice.

Our values are the essence of our organization. They summarize
what we stand for and influence how we work, guiding our efforts with each client, partner and colleague.

One way that we demonstrate our commitment to equity-centered practices is by supporting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Alford Group is proud to be the diversity partner of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) for over two decades. For years, we have been the lead sponsor of the AFP ICON Diversity Workshop. Alford Group also is a proud sponsor of the AFP/Alford Group Mentoring and Leadership Development Program that was created to provide support and guidance to women in the fundraising profession.

Read our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.