AFP Advancement Northwest Conference: The Future of Philanthropy

June 7-8, 2018 | Washington State Convention Center | Seattle, WA

Left to right: LuCinda Vacura, Karen Rotko-Wynn, Laura Edman, JoAnn Yoshimoto, Mary Kaufman-Cranney, Wendy Hatch, Amy Stone

Alford Group was once again a sponsor and presenter for  the annual AFP Advancement Northwest Conference in Seattle, WA. We are proud to sponsor such a fantastic event where fundraisers and nonprofit leaders from across the region come together to share ideas and learnings.

This year at our booth we collected ideas from all of  you on how to “hit the right note” and communicate impact. This word cloud below is a visual of your collective responses. Below the word cloud is the full list of ideas. We are sharing these in the spirit of learning from each other and “community-centered fundraising.”

Download word cloud: Tips to Communicate Impact

Tips to hit the right note and communicate impact:

Collection of ideas from conference attendees:

  • Use photos showing your mission
  • Make them cry!
  • Be donor-centric
  • Keep the message simple
  • Story, story, story
  • Know your audience
  • Social media buzz
  • Storytelling
  • Client quote/testimonial
  • Be donor-centric!
  • Focus on impact
  • For health charities – meaningful patient engagement through services
  • Appeal to emotions, touch the heart
  • Write from the donor’s perspective
  • Use your annual report to showcase impact
  • Donor appreciation events (and other perks)
  • Share success and also failures
  • Tours and open houses
  • Photos to the max!
  • Share stories
  • Focus on assets
  • Consider your audiences
  • Balance heart and smart (stories and data)
  • Don’t overdo the data
  • Salient outcomes
  • Write at 6th or 7th grade reading level
  • Get program staff involved

Alford Group hosted and facilitated the following session:

The Future of Philanthropy

Friday, June 8 | 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

Philanthropy in the 21st Century has rapidly changed and continues to do so. There is a rapid increase in available data, tools to analyze and interpret the data, fundraising technology, advanced database systems, as well as a more diverse and effective talent pool. The next generation of major donors (Gen Xers and Millennials) are emerging as the most significant philanthropists ever. Brenda will lead a thought-provoking discussion among expert panelists on how to not only stay ahead of these trends, but maximize on them.

Presenter/Moderator: Brenda B. Asare, President and CEO, Alford Group


  • Alice Shobe, Director of Community Engagement, Amazon
  • Gina Breukelman, Senior Manager, Global Engagement Northwest region, Boeing
  • Mary Kaufman-Cranney, CFRE, Vice President, Alford Group

Alford Group consultants attending this year’s conference:

  • Brenda B. Asare, President and CEO
  • Karen Rotko-Wynn, CFRE, Executive Vice President
  • Laura Edman, CFRE, Vice President
  • Wendy Hatch, CFRE, Vice President
  • Mary Kaufman-Cranney, CFRE, Vice President
  • JoAnn Yoshimoto, CFRE, Senior Consultant
  • Amy Stone, MA, MBA, Consultant

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