AFP Fundraising Conference 2015

Thank you for visiting with us at the AFP 2015 Fundraising Conference

We had a number of giveaways, drawings and presentations during the conference. Here are some resources you can take back with you from each.


Thank you to all of you who joined us for the presentation on engaging your auxiliary boards. If you would like to share the slides and handouts from this presentation or if you were not able to attend, use the form below to download the presentation slides and handouts.

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Additionally, we were delighted to have so many of you join us for the diversity session – Women Leading Philanthropy. What an engaging conversation! Alford Group is proud to be affiliated with such an important dialogue and theme within our sector.


Our giveaway was a limited donor analysis for the first 30 organizations. If you weren’t able to get in on the giveaway while at the conference, we are continuing the offer for the next 30 days. Get instructions for submitting your data and a free sample of this comprehensive analysis of your donor behavior.


The winner of Alford Group’s drawing for a full set of donor data analytics was Bob Myers, Senior Performance Coach at Boy Scouts of America in Irving, TX. The Boy Scouts’ mission is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. We are excited to see what insights the Boy Scouts will be able to glean from donor analytics and what results they’ll experience from leveraging the findings.

Science of Philanthropy Initiative – Research Partnership Opportunities

The Science of Philanthropy Initiative is looking for research partners – organizations that pair up with academics to answer important questions about philanthropy and fundraising. Have a burning question? Want to help determine answers about fundraising, demographics, donor behavior, giving priorities or topics that can help your organization and the sector grow and improve? Contact SPI today.