AFP ICON 2022 Booth Post-It Note Activity

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our post-it note activity at our booth this year at AFP ICON in Las Vegas!

“What does your new normal look like?” Here is what you had to say:

Reaching Diverse Audiences

  • Use donor data
  • New CMS
  • Broaden definitions of philanthropy
  • Diverse leadership
  • Uplift diverse stories
  • Increase board diversity


  • Changed format completely
  • More accessible
  • Back in person!
  • Auction stays online
  • Thrive with less
  • It’s time to party! Safely and fun!
  • Intimate performances

Donor Communications

  • Strength-based language
  • Better segmentation
  • Pumping up social media
  • Be courageous
  • Direct mail is not dead
  • More personalized and frequent
  • Find millennials
  • Use the donor’s native language