AFP International Conference 2018

New Orleans, LA | April 15-17, 2018

Alford Group is proud to be the diversity partner with AFP and the AFP Foundation for the 19th year!

Jazz it up!

This year we offered FREE 15-minute sessions with our senior-level experts where participants received feedback on their organization’s story, pitch, appeal, etc. to “jazz it up” and better communicate impact!

Alford Group staff in attendance at this year’s conference:

  • Diane Knoepke, Vice President
  • Karen Rotko-Wynn, CFRE, Executive Vice President
  • Sharon Tiknis, Executive Vice President
  • LuCinda Vacura, Business Development Manager

Leveraging Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to Become a Better Fundraiser

Monday, April 16, 2018
10:15am – 11:45am | Room 225-227

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values throughout all aspects of our work. How do unconscious bias, structural inequity, and persistent “-isms” keep development professionals from raising much-needed dollars to drive organizational impact? This interactive, facilitated WORKshop discussed moving from conversation into action.

Keynote Speaker
Tanya M. Odom, Global Consultant

Tanya M. Odom is a global consultant, coach, facilitator, teacher, writer, and thought leader. She has worked globally in over 30 countries as a consultant and facilitator for over two decades focusing on areas including: Diversity and Inclusion, Educational Equity, Mindfulness, Coaching, Inclusive leadership, Girls’ Leadership Development, Mindfulness and Diversity and Inclusion, and Youth Empowerment/mentoring. Tanya’s unique portfolio career has allowed her to work in the education, private sector/corporate, nonprofit/NGO, law enforcement, and university/college arenas.

Download Slides: Leveraging Diversity Equity and Inclusion April 2018

Sponsored by Alford Group and the AFP Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (IDEA) Committee

Diversity Art Showcase

This year’s AFP International Conference Diversity Art Showcase was displayed in the AFP Hub. Congratulations to all of our participants and outstanding winners! Below are photos and descriptions of the prize-winning artwork.

First Place

By Magdalena Acuna – 4th Grade

Title: E’nnuda

My pelican sculpture is called “E’nnuda” which means pelican in the Lugunda language. Under the pelican’s wings, she is holding the flags of Pan-Africa, Mexico, China and the United States. I chose the Pan-African flag to represent my friend Charity from Uganda and my friend Mahalet from Ethiopia. I chose the Chinese flag to represent my friend Lily from China. I chose the Mexican flag to represent my friend Sophia from Mexico and half of my family. I chose the United States flag because that’s where I am from.

To me, philanthropy means caring about my friends, family and community here in New Orleans and in other countries. It also means sharing resources to make sure all kids can have a good life. By good life, I mean food, clean water, education and friendships.

On the pelican’s beak, I drew a picture of two girls and a little boy in the middle. This picture represents friendship. Friendship is about caring and sharing and that is what philanthropy is all about.

My pelican also has a necklace around its neck. It has a gold chain and a velvet heart with the word “Love” written on it. I feel love is at the heart of philanthropy because love inspires you to make friends and help others.

Second place

By Max Etheredge – 3rd Grade

Title: “Quad”

I think my painting relates to philanthropy because philanthropy means to be giving and loving. My painting has a love octopus and a heart shaped snake. It also has a peace sign, a bunch of little pieces, an equal sign, then a heart that combines it all together. This is my equation for what happens when you are caring and giving – you get cared for back. I included animals in my painting because I think we should care for them as well as people. People are animals. We are all connected.

Third Place

By Renata Orihuela – 5th Grade

Title: “Noangbil”  Yugambeh for bird

The connection between my pelican and philanthropy is many things, for example the heart on top of the head stands for how the world is full of love and everyone around us should share it. The hearts and peace sign on the beak stand for how the pelican goes around the world sharing its love. The words on the back stand for all the love it catches in the air.

Since 1999, Alford Group has been the diversity partner with AFP and the AFP Foundation and is the lead sponsor of the AFP International Conference Diversity Workshop and Diversity Art Showcase.

Learn more about our Commitment to Diversity.