Presentation to New Sector

The social sector is facing a significant talent problem. Current estimates are that 80,000 new senior managers will be needed every year to meet our communities’ growing needs. Simultaneously, 45% of young nonprofit professionals seek to leave the social sector for reasons such as: difficulty finding meaningful opportunities, fragmented and unclear pathways, and limited professional development, which deepens the talent deficit issue by reducing the natural leadership pipeline.

To address the talent deficit, New Sector is working toward training 1,000 early career professionals each year, providing the experiences, knowledge, and skills that strengthen their potential to flourish and lead. Since 2006, we have recruited and trained over 650 Fellows who have pursued long-term careers to improve education, workforce development, human services, and much more.

New Sector’s fellowship programs bring together cohorts of highly-motivated, skilled early career professionals to pursue their commitment to working in the social sector.  Fellows serve full-time building a nonprofit organization’s capacity and participate in training, mentoring, and coaching activities.  We currently offer fellowship programs in the Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Twin Cities areas, and are working toward a goal of expanding to a total of eight sites in the coming years.  More information on our fellowship programs can be found here.

Brenda B. Asare, President & CEO and Molly Hansen, Vice President, will present to New Sector fellow on May 19th.