Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – What’s Going On?

June 13 | Forefront | Chicago, IL

Alford Group was proud to present at the Philanthropy Club of Chicago’s program: Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion-What’s Going On?

Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – What’s Going On?


If you look at many of the issues that philanthropy addresses – from education to health care to housing to mass incarceration – you’re likely to see great disparities along racial and ethnic lines. These have existed for decades, and in many cases the gaps are growing. Curious to know what you can do about it within your own organization?

This program will ask – and try to answer – a number of difficult and enduring questions: Why aren’t more foundations including racial equity, diversity and inclusion in their mission statements and strategic plans? What do these terms mean among stakeholders in the philanthropic community? What are some challenges you’ve encountered while attempting to advance equity, pursue diversity, and foster inclusion at your organization? How have these ideals affected your career path? What is the impact of racial inequity in nonprofits and foundations? How does the lack of engagement of diverse donors impact the bottom line?

Our presenters will be:

  • Brenda Asare, President & CEO, Alford Group, assumed her role in February 2014. Since then, she has helped clients in taking their organizations to the next level by building their capacity, strengthening their boards, creating donor-centered relationships, and elevating the culture of generosity to support bold visions to affect communities in more meaningful ways. She has partnered with clients to raise over $2 billion to create game-changing results to fuel their visions.
  • Roberto Requejo, Program Director, Elevated Chicago, is a diversity, inclusion and equity leader and practitioner, as well as an urban planner specialized in community development and affordable housing. Since April 2017, Roberto has developed the coalition’s foundational work culture, values and governance; coordinated its strategies and workplan for equitable Transit Oriented Development (eTOD); mobilized resources and investments; and developed processes to ensure racial equity and inclusion in grantmaking, capital investment, systems change, knowledge sharing, and community engagement in support of a $150M+ pipeline of capital projects near transit.
  • Claude Robinson, Executive Vice President for External Affairs and Diversity, UCAN, specializes in the personal development, education and motivation of youth, children and families. A staunch advocate for youth, Claude continually challenges adults to examine their perspectives and diligently strives to build positive youth and adult partnerships.