Service Spotlight: Executive Coaching

By Maree G. Bullock, Vice President, and Lieve Hendren, CFRE, Consultant

Every person in the world who has competed at the highest level of athletics, music or a skilled trade has had a coach. They’ve also relied on the knowledge, skill and expertise of quality mentors to push, challenge and motivate them. In the nonprofit community, we all know it takes equally as much skill and training to be successful, whether you’re leading, managing or raising funds to move your organization closer to reaching its mission. Executive coaching helps leaders cultivate confidence in their own leadership and effectively grow their organizations to new heights.

Nonprofit executives are often asked to wear many hats and perform at high levels with minimal resources. Executive Coaching provides individualized guidance for the unique pressures and challenges of nonprofit leaders: developing specific strategies to achieve their goals, developing expectations and/or job qualifications for new hires, positioning their organizations for funding, handling Board issues and other concerns.

Today, Alford Group is proud to share the ‘before and after’ story of Christy L. Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast (GSWISE), a large council with more than 23,000 girl and adult members. To set herself up for success at the start of her leadership role, Christy engaged in one-on-one Executive Coaching with Maree G. Bullock, Vice President at Alford Group. Listen in to hear how executive coaching support helped Christy to thrive in her new leadership role, accelerating program growth and organizational effectiveness at Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast.

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