Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)


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Are you looking for ways to make your organization more inclusive and diverse? Do you want to create a culture of belonging where everyone feels valued and respected? We can help you achieve these goals by providing the resources needed to launch your DEI efforts. We can help you activate your leadership and align your team members to
become more knowledgeable, aware and engaged in DEI initiatives.

We offer multiple points of entry and solutions tailored to your unique journey. If you aren’t sure where to begin, our Culture of Equity Assessment will help you determine your baseline and identify your starting point.

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Culture of Equity Assessment

The Culture of Equity Assessment was created by Alford Group to assist organizations in assessing their own organizational culture of equity. This proprietary assessment will illuminate a shared view of the organization’s current norms, behaviors and achievements in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) through a comprehensive scan and self-assessment.

The information and results of the assessment will enable the organization to create agreement on where it stands currently and a shared vision for moving forward.

The Culture of Equity Assessment will:

  • Gather baseline data and information in order to self-identify areas for organizational change and improvement.
  • Spur dialogue that leads to greater understanding and commitment to address issues of racial equity.
  • Facilitate the sharing of information, resources, mutual support and tools.
  • Build shared accountability across the organization.

Alford Group will administer the proprietary tool, ensuring anonymity, and present the findings to guide you in interpreting the results and developing action steps for your organization.

Additional Resources

For more information and to take the Culture of Equity Assessment, please contact us.

Check out the Alford Group Resource Center on Racial Equity, designed to meet you where you’re at on your organization’s DEI journey.