Increase your ability to raise funds and make a greater impact. 

Your work is too important not to be fully funded.

    • Drive Change Together
    • Benefit from Services Tailored to Your Needs
    • Work with More Joy, Passion & Peace

    Is your organization struggling with:

    • having the potential to do more, but you aren’t sure how to get from here to there?
    • raising the money you need to make the impact your community needs?
    • knowing that your current efforts just aren’t working?

    You deserve the resources you need to create the impact you want.

    Here’s how we do it.

    1. We build a culture of philanthropy.

    Break free from nonprofit consultant jargon. At Alford Group, we fuel nonprofit organizations with the power of philanthropy. We help you build a culture of giving that permeates from the board to service providers.

    Let us guide your organization in building a strong philanthropic culture through training, capacity building, and strategic guidance.

    2. We bring experienced professionals.

    Alford Group’s work with your board and executive team is conducted primarily by experienced consultants.

    Additionally, stakeholder engagement is conducted only by experienced consultants. Your cultivation and relationship management efforts are cared for with experience and sensitivity, gathering information and setting the stage for cultivation of each prospect in the future.

    3. We Journey Together

    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

    -African Proverb

    You can expect a dynamic partnership where we’re bringing key expertise and figuring out the journey together. We honor diverse viewpoints, create inclusive, fair environments and advocate for social justice.

    We are respectful, transparent and loyal partners. Get to the next level through a collaborative partnership filled with humility, curiosity, and continuous learning.

    Services that solve fundraising problems.

    Overcome obstacles and capitalize on your greatest opportunities with Alford Group.

    Problem 1: “I’m not sure our department is functioning as well as it could be. We’re not getting the results we’re looking for.”

    Answer 1: Development Assessments

    Problem 2: “We have a specific funding need, but we’re not sure people are ready to give, how to talk about it or how to make it happen.”

    Answer 2: Campaign Support

    Problem 3: “We lack a plan to reach specific audiences, like corporate donors, planned giving donors, and major donors.

    Answer 3: Donor Outreach & Engagement

    Campaign Support

    Feasibility Study

    Also known as a Campaign Planning Study or Philanthropic Market Study, this is our most popular service! It results in either a Feasibility Study Report or a Campaign Plan, which could include:

    • Campaign dollar goal
    • Philanthropic value proposition and communication strategy
    • Internal readiness to move into the campaign
    • Potential donors or campaign leadership

    Wondering if you need this study? Click to read 10 Questions to Answer Before Launching a Campaign.

    Campaign Counsel

    Get the guidance you need to do it right the first time and stay focused on individual campaigns (without taking away from annual operating dollars!). We’ll partner with you to plan for and carry out a successful campaign. Save time and money by relying on a knowledgeable guide.