Leading with Purpose

Governance: Take the lead in volunteer leadership

Effective and efficient governance of your organization is of utmost importance. Your governing, advisory and auxiliary groups are filled with people who want to contribute to the mission of the organization to the best of their ability within the intended purpose of their respective groups. But some of them may not be entirely sure how. Or the structures that support them in making that contribution are not the most effective. Whatever the obstacle to full participation or utilizing your full capacity, Alford Group offers assistance and guidance in enhancing board and governance skills, policies, procedures, bylaws, structure and more.

  • Board Development – customized enhancement of board effectiveness, including board training and professional development; identification, recruitment and orientation; review of policies and procedures; and board retreats
  • Bylaw Review – evaluation and recommendations for revision of current bylaws
  • CEO and Staff Evaluation – informative evaluation of top organizational leadership
  • Governance Analysis – assessment of board capacity, structure, recruitment, orientation, governance and term limits

Leadership Development: Knowledge for the way forward

Alford Group consultants provide in-depth training and coaching tailored to the needs of your staff or board members. Consistent with our philosophy of building a culture of philanthropy throughout your organization and building your internal capacity, our training programs and materials are customized to your needs, to address any skillset gaps, connect your top executives with other professionals through peer group coaching, or provide ongoing coaching on an individual basis.

  • Board and Staff Training
    Our teams create custom training for nonprofit board and staff in any area related to philanthropy, governance, assessment or planning. We offer board and staff retreats in addition to on-site training sessions. We also offer online and video training – to learn more, visit our Events page for upcoming webinars.
  • Executive Leadership Coaching and Counsel
    Nonprofit managers are asked to wear many hats, and perform at high levels with minimal resources. This high wire juggling act is not always easy. Alford Group consultants provide one-on-one guidance to nonprofit leadership. Our experienced consultants have each spent many years as an Executive Director, VP of Development, or CEO of nonprofits. Each understands the pressures and challenges of the position and can help staff leaders with: developing specific strategies to achieve their goals, developing expectations and/or job qualifications for new hires, positioning their organizations for funding, handling Board issues, and other concerns.