Alford Group’s Imperative on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Alford Group stands for and acts in support of diversity, equity and inclusion.

We believe that mindsets, behavior and values must shift to make equity a priority and create sustainable change. While diversity offers seats at the table to a broader range of people and ideas, and inclusion ensures that all voices are heard, equity applies a historic lens to assure that everyone is welcomed and receives what they need to thrive. Diversity, equity and inclusion must work in tandem.

Our firm was founded 45 years ago on the principle that our human differences make the nonprofit sector stronger. We uphold this commitment by:

  • Focusing on our own organizational culture; ensuring that our staff reflects diversity and inclusion; and being adaptive as a learning organization to care, to listen, to learn and to act
  • Challenging our clients to improve their own equity, diversity and inclusion culture and practices to better reflect and deepen impact in the communities they serve
  • Investing in sector-wide programming centered on diversity, equity and inclusion; encouraging the nonprofit sector to make room for and listen to diverse voices to spark innovation; and empowering individuals and organizations to flourish

Alford Group has taken many deliberate steps to ensure a level playing field for all and bring an equity-forward lens to our work. Yet we are compelled to do better. Today we seize this moment and renew our pledge to be purposeful, even disruptive, and accelerate our journey toward swift and lasting social justice.

Collectively, we have an opportunity to create a better world where possibilities are endless and reflect the best of who we are as humans.

Culture of Equity Assessment – Conducted by Alford Group

Alford Group offers a tool to assist organizations in assessing their own culture of equity. The purpose of the Culture of Equity Self-Assessment is to:

  • Help gather baseline data and information in order to self-identify areas for organizational change and improvement
  • Spur dialogue that leads to greater understanding and commitment to address issues of racial equity
  • Facilitate the sharing of information, resources, mutual support and tools
  • Build shared accountability across the organization

Alford Group will administer the tool, ensuring anonymity, and present the findings to guide you in interpreting the results and developing action steps for your organization. For more information and to take the Culture of Equity Assessment, please contact us at

Alford Group Resource Center on Racial Equity

As we strive together to make our world a more equitable place for all people, Alford Group values education as an important step in our DEI journey. The following racial equity resource hub is a non-exhaustive, ever-evolving compilation of books, articles, videos and more gathered from a variety of sources, including collaboration with colleagues and thought leaders across the philanthropic sector and beyond.

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