The Resource for the Not-for-Profit Community

The Alford Group is a professional consulting partner helping board leaders, organizational management and community stakeholders improve the effectiveness of their mission-based, not-for-profit organizations. The Alford Group helps a wide range of not-for-profit organizations in all areas of the sector and at all stages of growth serve their communities with leadership, relevance, and sustainability. Our advice and support in critical areas such as fundraising, governance and organizational strategy help our clients thrive.

Our experienced professionals work with staff and volunteer leaders to create uniquely customized solutions, streamline processes and maximize resources toward fulfilling the organization’s mission. We have served more than 3,000 clients, representing the full spectrum of sizes, structures and organizational missions.

Since The Alford Group’s founding in 1979, our consultants have focused exclusively on supporting the not-for-profit community, serving only mission-based organizations. This focus allows us to concentrate our expertise and staff development on the unique needs of this vital sector of society. We also understand that “not-for-profit” doesn’t mean “not profitable.” In our increasingly resource-constrained environment, on top of creating social value and community impact, our clients need diverse revenue streams and effective resource management. The Alford Group is here to make sure that happens.

Our Founder, Jimmie Alford started the firm to strengthen the non-for-profit sector. We continue that important work today with the belief that we can partner with organizations and help them grow, creating stronger communities and a better world for all.