Power up your fundraising during leadership transitions

Leverage Alford Group’s interim staffing solutions for nonprofit excellence.

  • Increase team capacity
  • Foster departmental consistency
  • Achieve seamless transitions

Navigate staffing transitions with ease

In the fast-paced world of nonprofits, staff turnover or transitions can disrupt the flow of operations and hinder progress. The challenge lies not only in filling the gaps but also in ensuring a seamless transition that maintains momentum.

Enhance your team with seasoned leaders

Imagine having experienced professionals seamlessly integrated into your organization, providing leadership and strategic direction.

With Alford Group, your staffing transitions become opportunities for growth, as you gain the support needed to increase capacity and drive impact.

We exist to help you build a more resilient and successful organization.

A bridge to sustained growth

Alford Group offers qualified interim staff who step into leadership roles, guiding your team with expertise and insight. This strategic leadership ensures continuity and progress during periods of transition.


We provide interim staffing for roles like:

  • Chief Development Officer (CDO)
  • Development Director (DD)
  • Development Officer (DO)


Every consultant serving in an interim staffing role has held a leadership role in multiple development offices and brings years of experience.


Boots on the ground support in 4 key ways:

  • Time: Regular work hours dedicated to fulfilling the role
  • Leadership & Experience: Providing direction and support to leadership during the interim
  • Fresh Perspective & Guidance: Analyzing development operations and capabilities and providing insight and training
  • Management: Driving momentum with staff during the interim


Alford Group can place a consultant in as little as 3-5 weeks.

Guiding you through transitions with care and increasing capabilities

With Alford Group, you’re not alone in a transition. We’ve traveled this road before and can help you navigate leadership transitions with intention.

You’ll have a seasoned, caring, expert professional who can understand your needs, help you to ensure the board remains active, the development staff stay focused, and donors stay inspired.

Accelerate your impact and enhance organizational stability

Partner with Alford Group and experience the following benefits:

  • Seamless transitions with experienced interim leaders at the helm
  • Increased capacity to further your mission and drive meaningful change
  • Consistency and continuity in your development department operations
  • Strategic guidance from seasoned professionals dedicated to your success
  • Empowerment to focus on long-term goals and sustained growth

Take the first step toward increased organizational stability and greater impact. Schedule a discovery consult with our team and discover how Alford Group can empower your nonprofit mission.

Testimonials of empowerment and growth

“After our Chief Development Officer resigned, Alford Group came in in a very short amount of time. We didn’t lose a single step. In fact there was a lot of increased learning and education that helped bring the work forward. I felt that I personally learned the right way to ask for a gift, how to be unafraid, and our team felt they were mentored and that they grew. We were also rewarded with some of the largest gifts on record in that short amount of time.”

Karen Teitelbaum, Sinai Health System

Three steps to seamless interim staffing

Step 1: Connect for a consult

Schedule a discovery consult to discuss your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Step 2: Placement strategy & timeline

Together we’ll develop a customized staffing solution aligned with your mission and values and timeline.

Step 3: Empower your mission

Watch as our expert interim staff step in to provide leadership, support, and continuity, empowering your team to drive impact.