Strategic Partners

Alford Group is committed to our partnership with these outstanding organizations as we collectively work to strengthen the social sector. We admire the contagious energy and uniquely valuable skills our extraordinary colleagues bring to the table and are happy to partner with them for the benefit of our clients.

Since 1935, The Giving Institute has been providing intelligent leadership that has empowered the nonprofit sector. The Giving Institute: enhances professionalism in the nonprofit sector; educates and engages members in the ethical delivery of counsel and related services to nonprofits through research, advocacy and best practices; and provides shared experiences for executives of member firms who can become leaders in philanthropy. Alford Group has been a member of The Giving Institute since 1983 and adheres to the high ethical standards set by the Institute. Alford Group contributes to the annual release of the Giving USA report, which ensures the most recent giving data is communicated across the sector.

Proud diversity sponsor for 20 years

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) has worked for the last 50 years to provide education, networking, research and advocacy for fundraising organizations across the country. Keeping a high standard of professionalism, ethical practice, inclusivity and creativity, AFP encourages its members to strive for excellence in their work, producing the absolute best of what fundraising has to offer. Alford Group is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and has been a diversity partner of AFP for more than 20 years. Currently, Alford Group is sponsoring the IDEA Impact: Alford Group Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Development Program.

Databasey was launched to provide courses, consulting and coaching to fundraising professionals and organizations. Databasey was founded by Alford Group Vice President Mary Hackett, a fundraising expert with over 20 years of nonprofit experience and a passion for fundraising operations. Databasey’s services include frameworks to assist clients in identifying prospects, understanding how their philanthropic landscape is evolving, or which tools they need to succeed. Alford Group is proud to partner with Databasey on its mission to assist changemaking organizations to automate and repair systems, optimize donor experience and ultimately facilitate greater impact.

DonorSearch was founded for the purpose of providing nonprofits with accurate and useful data to help these companies analyze and improve their fundraising strategies. DonorSearch references a variety of databases and algorithms to ensure its clients can make the most informed decision when it comes to which prospects to pursue and which fundraising strategies to implement. Alford Group is proud to partner with DonorSearch and values its commitment to providing data-driven research that aids the nonprofit sector.