Client Spotlight: LifeWire

Groundbreaking ceremony for construction and renovations to begin May 2022

LifeWire is a Washington-based nonprofit that provides compassionate services, safe housing and hope to domestic violence (DV) survivors, children and families in need. LifeWire is the largest DV housing provider in King County, providing emergency and relocation services for survivors and their children who would otherwise have to remain in an abusive home or become homeless. They are recognized nationally as a leader in providing innovative, survivor-driven, trauma-informed care. Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children in the nation.

LifeWire’s mission is to support survivors of domestic violence on their path towards safety, stability and healing. They believe that everyone deserves to live free from fear and violence. From a safe home, each of us can work, learn, play and fully contribute to our community.

Partnering with Alford Group, the agency launched the $15,750,000 Hope Starts Here Capital Campaign to purchase a 25-unit apartment complex, provide ADA-accessible apartments and build a services office in one central location. LifeWire will provide emergency shelter and transitional housing, on-site services, newly-built community and services spaces, and easy access to transportation, community services and amenities.

“The Hope Starts Here Campaign began with the hope of helping DV survivors facing the greatest safety risks and highest barriers to reach safe housing. The successful completion of the campaign makes this dream a reality as we begin renovation next month and welcome the first survivor families to heal and rebuild their lives this fall in accessible, confidential apartments with wraparound services onsite. Hope really does start here.” ~ Rachel Krinsky, Executive Director, LifeWire

LifeWire’s services are a lifeline for the families they serve. This campaign will increase housing access for families in our community who are facing the greatest safety risks and highest barriers to safe housing. The Hope Starts Here Campaign will provide emergency and transitional housing with a pathway to permanent housing, ensuring safety and access for hundreds of survivor families into the future.

Campaign Results

The team worked tirelessly throughout COVID-19 to raise $6.5 million in philanthropic funds and $8.25 million in public funds. Renovation and construction start in May 2022 and homeless survivors and their children will move into safe housing this year, find the support they need to heal – and live a life that is no longer defined by domestic violence.